Invisible Hearing aids

Most people feel insecure about wearing hearing aids because they don’t want others to know about their hearing problems.

Invisible hearing aids are called “Invisible-In- Canal” (IIC) hearing aids.

Focus Hearing offer different hearing aid brands with a range of technology level to suit everyone's need and budget.

Is IIC Hearing Aids right for me?

IIC hearing aids are not suitable for you ;

- If you are prone to outer ear infections, skin conditions or excessive ear wax production.

-The size and shape of your ear canal may prevent candidacy

- If you have dexterity issues

- Depends on the degree of your hearing loss (IIC doesn't have much power as other styles of hearing aids.)

Not all hearing aid styles work for all hearing losses. It is essential you come in for a consult with our Audiologists.

Benefits of IIC

-Small size and discreteness

- Hearing aid microphone is situated located deep in the ear canal, preserving the natural resonance of the ear canal

- Allows natural sound localization using the abilities of the pinna

-The position of the hearing aids in the ear canal allows the wear of headphones and phones to be held again the ear easily.

Starkey SoundLens Synergy iQ

  • Invisible fit (requires ear impressions for custom made hearing aids with exact fit)

  • Provides wireless streaming to TV, music and other media though Surflink accessories

  • Ultimate sound comfort in loud sounds while providing clarity for soft sounds.

  • Optimum music sounds

  • Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology provides background music to relieve the ringing in the ears.

Oticon Opn IIC

  • First IIC hearing aid to use OpenSound Navigator, which scans and analyses the sound environment 360 °, 100 times per second

  • Smallest hearing aid ever produced by Oticon

  • Requires ear impressions for custom made hearing aids with exact fit

  • Available in 5 levels of technology

Signia Silk Nx

  • Ready-to-wear, instant fit solution, no ear impressions required

  • World’s first, OneMic Directionality feature

  • Compatible with TouchControl app

  • Available in 3 levels of technology

Phonak Virto B Titanium

  • Constructed using medical grade titanium. Requires ear impressions for custom made hearing aids with exact fit.

  • Utilises Phonak’s AutoSense operating system

  • Available in 2 levels of technology

Unitron Moxi All

New Unitron Moxi All


Connectivity and Streaming

Moxi All Hearing aids connect directly to all smart phones through Bluetooth c connection- not just iPhones.  This means you can hear phone calls and music directly through your hearing aids without any additional accessories.


Hearing aids can be fully charged in less than 7 hours, and provide average of 16 hours of use including 2 hours of phone calls and 5 hours of TV

Remote Plus app

This app gives hearing aid wearers more control with adjusting the programs, volume and balance of their hearing ads, from smartphone ( iPhone and Android)

Signia Nx


Signia Nx
Charge & Go

Signia NX available with Rechargeable Battery.

Simply charge the hearing aid while you sleep and do away with the hassle of changing batteries again.

It takes 3 hours to fully charge hearing aids, which provides up to 19 hours of use.

Own Voice Processing ( OVP)

The Signa Nx hearing aids with OVP  has proven to improved spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 75% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers *.

* 2017 “First Fit Study” conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg examining the effect of own voice processing on spontaneous acceptance after first fit of hearing aids


The sound of own voice is the most common issues for new hearing aid wearers.    For most hearing aid wearers, the more their hearing aid processed voice differs from their own perception of their own voice, the less comfortable and accepting the experience will be.

To achieve clear speech understanding, hearing aids need to provide appropriate volume and audibility. However, the sufficient amplification often leads to reduced acceptance of own voice. In an attempt to solve the problem, the audiologist reduces the amplification to ensure own voice sounds more natural. This, of course, reduces the audibility of speech.

The Signia NX hearing aids uses OVP which detects hearing aid wearer’s own voice and process separately from external sounds. This means when the wearer is speaking, the hearing aid detects and apply dedicated setting different from when only external sounds are present, providing comfortable own voice and best audibility of external speech.

signia connectivity.jpg

Direct Streaming Connectivity

Signia Nx uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone so you can listen to phone calls and music directly through the hearing aids without any additional accessories.

In addition, streaming is available for Android Smartphones and TV via the StreamLine Mic and Stream Line TV

Signia  Nx hearing aids can be controlled  by the wearer using my Control app ( available for iPhone and Android )

Phonak makes a direct call on smart phones


Phonak has closed the loop for smart-phone users with the latest addition to its Audeo hearing aid range - the Audeo B-Direct.

While iPhone users have been able connect their “mfi“ (made for iPhone)” hearing aids to their smart phones, Android phone users haven’t been so lucky - until now.

Phonak says its new Audeo B-Direct is “made for all” (mfa) and provides true hands-free calling for both major types of smart cellphone.

Mfi hearing aids captured the spotlight because they let iPhone users stream phone calls and music directly to their hearing aids without any extra Bluetooth accessories - but those same benefits were not available for Android phone users, despite those phones having a huge share of the mobile market.

Phonak says the Audeo B-Direct has changed this because it can stream phone calls from any Bluetooth phone, meaning Android users can now also experience the benefits of phone-call streaming.

Phonak says Audeo B-Direct users can also answer, reject and end calls by pushing the button on the hearing aid, and the hearing aid also picks up the user’s voice using the device’s onboard microphone. Having this feature will let users pick up a call even when the phone is not nearby.

However, there are limitations: it’s not able to stream music yet and it’s not yet stereo.

Summarising its benefits:

  • Audeo B-Direct is mfa (made for all) – offering universal connectivity, enabling phone-call streaming from any Bluetooth phone
  • It picks up the user’s voice using the hearing device’s onboard microphone
  • Users can reject or end a call using a button on the hearing aid.

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Widex Beyond - made for iPhone

Beyond the ordinary

Widex have taken their hearing instruments to beyond the ordinary by providing connectivity to iPhones.

Wearers can now hear phone conversations through their hearing aids, can hear music from their iPhones through the devices and can use their iPhones to control their hearing aids.

The new range of instruments is called the Widex Beyond and the new feature is called Made for iPhone (MFi). Many of the features in the special app can also be used with android phones.

The Widex Beyond personalised app allows wearers to use intuitive commands on their phone’s screen to adjust the volume on each hearing aid individually, choose speech and comfort settings, and set microphone directionality.

Wearers can also use the app for troubleshooting and can even use their iPhone to find their hearing aids if they are lost.

Widex says its Beyond devices also offer better power consumption than other MFi-streaming hearing aids, which is a huge plus because with some MFi-linked devices, batteries may be reduced - depending on use.

The Widex Beyond hearing instruments have an innovative integrated signal processing chip-set design with full independent channel separation, minimal-delay filters, and four A/D converters, meaning clear sound for users.

Other features include

·       Wide dynamic range so the wearer to optimise sound based on their environment

·       Wind-noise reduction, which gives up to 30% better speech understanding in windy conditions, and

·       Allowing firmware updates so the device can be updated via the phone, without needing to visit an audiologist

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Possibly the smallest IIC in the market - Phonak Virto B-titanium

Phonak Virto B-Titanium

Big gains from the mighty miniature

Phonak’s tiny new hearing instrument offers big advantages and opens the door to people who haven’t been able to wear in-the-canal devices.

The key to the Phonak Virto B-Titanium - possibly the smallest IIC on the market - is that its shell is made from titanium, renowned for its strength and durability.

This means the device can be made smaller, giving hope to people whose small ear canals have meant this style of aid has not been an option, while the greater strength also allows more venting to reduce the occlusion effect - your voice echoing when you speak.

On top of that the aid has a more powerful receiver meaning these devices will cater to people with a greater hearing loss.

That’s exciting news for hearing-aid users.

Phonak says the shell now can be as thin as 0.2mm, which is 50% thinner than existing acrylic shells and is more crack-resistant.

On top of this the electronic components are 60% smaller than in existing models resulting in a hearing aid that’s 26% smaller, while the fit rate has jumped a massive 64%.

In summary, it’s discreteness meets versatility and power

•         26% size reduction resulting in a 64% increase in fit rate

•         Bigger venting for better management of occlusion

•         A more powerful receiver to cater for greater hearing loss

If you haven’t been able to wear an in-the-canal hearing aid before, NOW is the time to try again and enjoy listening to the things you always loved.

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