Unitorn Discover platform


Discover is Unitron’s newest platform. It is available in all different style of hearing aids including rechargeable and Bluetooth hearing aids



When sounds enter the hearing instruments, SoundNav intelligently classifies them into 7 key listening environments: quiet, conversation in quiet, conversation in a small group, conversation in a crowd, conversation in noise, noise, and music.

Because the places clients work and play are often complex, SoundNav dynamically combines these environments to create thousands of possible combinations – allowing the hearing instruments to seamlessly adjust as the soundscape changes.

MediaNav classifies the signal as music or speech and adjusts the sound accordingly.

With the precise and accurate classification provided by SoundNav, sound core can apply best program suited for each situation , ensuring best sound quality in every time .

Sound Conductor

It uses information about the environment to balance unwanted and distracting background noise, providing excellent quality and comfort and making speech clearer and easier to follow. It uses 3 different steps to achieve this;

  • Speech enhancement increases the volume of voices, making it easier to hear people talking.

  • Noise reduction dials down distracting background noise to make listening more comfortable.

  • Directionality  helps separate noise from speech and also allow hearing instrument wearers know where sounds are coming from.

speech pro

Conversations can be hard to follow in noisy environments.  SpeechPro, reduces listening effort and improves speech perception , allowing you to converse with confidence even in challenging listing environments.

It starts with Speech Locator, which uses the microphones in both hearing aids to determine where speech is coming from. Then, Speech Focus directs the focal area towards the speech and dynamically adapts to its source.

With speech pro, we are able to separate speech from noise without negatively impacting binaural cues, giving fantastic speech understanding in noisy situations.

Unitron Moxi All

New Unitron Moxi All


Connectivity and Streaming

Moxi All Hearing aids connect directly to all smart phones through Bluetooth c connection- not just iPhones.  This means you can hear phone calls and music directly through your hearing aids without any additional accessories.


Hearing aids can be fully charged in less than 7 hours, and provide average of 16 hours of use including 2 hours of phone calls and 5 hours of TV

Remote Plus app

This app gives hearing aid wearers more control with adjusting the programs, volume and balance of their hearing ads, from smartphone ( iPhone and Android)